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At Echo, we aim to take care of your wellbeing, through a range of techniques and ancient teachings. 
Each retreat is a transformational experience, curated down to the smallest detail, to help you move through stagnant emotion and energy, connect deeply to yourself, rest, heal, feel joy, love and courage again. Everything is taken care of, you just have to let go and let yourself be held.


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+ Feel stronger in your body and mind
+ Regulate your nervous system
+ Sleep Better
+ Reduce Stress Levels
+ Make New Friends
+ Prfound levels of relaxation
+ Heal past trauma and fear
+ Find new direction
+ Nurture your inner child, find compassion and creativity again

+ Re-connect with your body & breath
+ Improve meditation and wellbeing practices
+ Journey to deep rest with soundbaths and healing
+ Find joy, laughter, wonder and hope again


One of a kind energy, sound and movement retreat. 

Set in the most beautiful place, in Greece, looking out over the bay to the mountains. 

The Irini Villas, Near Achladachori, Mainland Greece

Travel: easyJet, Gatwick to Kalamata Travel: easyJet, transfer to Irini villas via taxi


October 2024

May 2025

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Join us in one of the most beautiful and magical places in Europe:

The Peloponnese, Southern Greece.

Hidden in the Olive groves, swim under the stars in our private pool, breathe deeply, rest well, and make time for you.

Josephine creates deeply healing and uplifting retreats for women. With the blend of yoga, meditation, and sound you will ease the nervous system, release stress and tension and finally, eat delicious wholesome food. ​

You'll step away from this sober retreat with clarity, transformation and newfound trust in yourself

A deeply healing retreat.

Blending breath work, energy-inspired movement, yoga, Meditation, and Sound therapy, to leave you feeling held, restored, and ready to grow.

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Josephine holds the space beautifully - The whole experience was so considered and wonderful from beginning to end, it completley surpassed my expectations.


Josephine genuinely cares about the retreat and brings this energy to everything she does.


I can honestly say I felt so well looked after it was a real treat to just lean into it and relax. I needed a reset, a reminder to connect with myself and realign with my values and this retreat provided that opportunity in abundance.


The yoga, meditations and sound baths are conducted so beautifully and expertly by Josephine and her deep knowledge of the subject helps to guide the group and makes the space completely safe while gently encouraging connection to self and the other attendees.

If you’re looking for some time out of the hustle, some deep connection to self and others in a nurturing and beautiful environment this is the retreat for you. I’ve made some connections here that will last well beyond the retreat, but mostly I’ve had the precious time to go inwards and connect with myself.

The location villa, pool, sunsets, outings and nutritious delicious food all combine to make the overall experience truly wonderful.

I’ll be making this a yearly retreat, because once you’ve found gold, there’s no point looking elsewhere.

- Hayley

Retreat Guest

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Josephine will guide you each morning and evening, outside surrounded by the olive trees, blue sky, sea view and bird song. 

She builds each class to support the full journey of the retreat. From a full and beautiful range of invigorating, soft, gentle, calm and wonderful movement. So you find yourself deeply connected to your body. Noticing sensations, feelings, emotions, patterns of behaviour and how to find the strength, love, care and compassion for yourself once again.  

Using the Chakra system, the 8 limbs of yoga and taking all levels and contraindications into consideration. You will find a deep connection with yourself, rebalancing the whole system and find profound inner calm and peace. 

+ Morning Yoga or Somatic enquiry

+ Meditation & Pranayama

+ Evening Yin, Restorative Yoga

+ Yoga Nidra, deep relaxation

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Josephine’s classes are special because she is a real teacher (as opposed an instructor).  Not only is she notably clear in the physical details she outlines and demonstrates (in ways that speak to people’s different levels of yoga experience) but she also draws attention to yoga’s inner awareness, opening up something of yoga’s deeper, spiritual sensitivities. This is special.

- Ann

Retreat Guest

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Everything is energy, therefore everything on retreat is planned to support you clear, renew and transform. 

Our energetic body can get stagnant, blocked & hold our experiences. When we tap into practices, experiences and vibrations, using them to held remove blockages, tension and emotions. We can breathe new life into ourselves. Feeling lighter, clearer, healthier, more connected and hopeful. 

+ Vibrational Healing through Sound a

+ Energy clearing through various practices

+ Journalling and reflection, inspired by The Artists Way

+ Inner child nurture and care

+ creativity, mandalas, doodling and colouring

+ Circles, sharing and growth

+ Water of life and Fire ceremony

+ Cards and Manifesting

+ Water: Pool, sea and swimming to cleanse and renew


We've been so well looked after. We've been given time to unfurl and rest and unfold. Everything is done with love and attention to detail.

- Hayley

Retreat Guest

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Ancient cultures, from Egypt to Tibetan employed voice and sound instruments to impact people’s bodies and minds in a healing fashion.

The overarching goal of sound therapy, sound healing, and sound bathing, is to use audible vibrations expressed as sound(gongs, bowls, drums etc) coupled with the practitioner’s as well as recipients’ intention, to assist the body in returning to a place of balance, ease and harmony. 


Sound has long been associated with alleviating emotional, physical, and mental discord.

Josephine has working with sound and music since she was 5 years old. Drawing on her intuitive abilities to heal and sense energy, she will guide you as an individual or a group to a deep place of rest, peace and harmony. 

+ Private 1-2-1 Sound healing​

+ Soundbaths in nature

+ Group Soundbaths 

+ Sound woven through each practice and ceremony

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